Which Aircraft

Which aircraft?

Our policy is to work specifically with Cessna Citations which provide a wide range of models, cabin size, range of operation and price.

We will help you to identify and choose the most appropriate aircraft to meet your mission profile and budget.

We will assist in planning your operational requirements to enable selection of the optimum aircraft to suit your needs and expectations.

You tell us how many passengers, how much baggage you want to carry and where you want to go and we will do the rest.

How many pilots do I need?

Corporate Jets are built for two crew operations for your safety. Those aircraft with a take off weight under 12,500 LBS / 5700Kg may be flown single crew when specifically certified or if a single crew member is trained to operate with a single pilot waiver.

How many passengers can I carry?

The numbers of passengers and baggage carried will determine the range of the aircraft.

Typically Corporate Jets carry between 4 and 11 passengers, however there is nearly always a compromise between payload and range. We will supply you with the most accurate information available to help you to make the right decision.

How far do I want to go?

Your mission profile will determine the aircraft range you will require. The further you want to fly non stop, will determine the aircraft type. If you don’t mind a technical stop then you could take ownership of a smaller more economical aircraft at a lower budget.

We will analyze your proposed destinations and preferences to assist you with your choice of aircraft.

How much will it cost me to operate?

Operational costs excluding maintenance varies by aircraft type. For operational cost the following points will need to be considered:

  • Fuel usage and cost
  • Euro control navigation charges
  • Landing fees
  • Handling fees
  • Parking fees
  • Hull insurance cost
  • Crew cost
  • Management fees
  • Equipment licenses

How much will it cost me to maintain?

Maintenance of your aircraft is one of the most important factors in retaining value in your aircraft, reliability and safety.

Our recommendation is that you to use the manufacturer’s authorised service facilities where the skill and experience of fully trained and equipped staff will ensure your aircraft is correctly and professionally maintained. The depth of knowledge that the manufacturer’s authorised service facilities offer translates to cost-effective maintenance.

Control and budgeting of maintenance cost can be achieved by use of the manufacturer’s support programs operated through their authorised service facilities. Subscription to these programs on a cost per flight hour will allow you to budget the cost of maintenance very accurately.

The plans available for Cessna aircraft are as follows:

  • Cessna Pro advantage
  • Pratt and Whitney Eagle Service Plan (ESP)
  • Williams TAP
  • Honeywell MSP
  • Non manufactures support can obtained through JSSI

Where can I keep my aircraft?

We would always recommend that you keep your aircraft at an airport with hangarage facilities. The cost of ownership of your aircraft will be reduced by taking care of your aircraft. Hangarage costs on average £1000 per month upwards dependant upon location and size of aircraft. We recommend you choose an airport with sufficient navigation aids to allow operations in all weathers.

How can I finance my aircraft?

Choosing a finance company in the early stages of acquisition will play a major roll in securing the best possible aircraft within your budget. We know how important correct financing is and we are able to put you in touch with reputable finance companies who offer excellent services.